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HyperTox provides frequently updated information about the management of common and severe poisonings. It also has self test and interactive cases. It is designed for use in emergency departments, intensive care units and poison centres as well as by under- and postgraduate students.
Includes over 50,000 medical terms that can be added to your MicrosoftTM Word spelling dictionary. Terms included range from abdominis to zygomatic, and include over 5,500 drug names.
Password access to all handheld versions of the Family Practice Notebook. These versions include 3 downloads: FPNotebook in Tomeraider for Pocket PC and Windows (4 MB), FPNotebook in ISilo for Palm and Pocket PC (5 MB), and FPNotebook in Internet Explorer for Windows and Pocket PC (9 MB download requires 27 MB of disk space). The subscription also includes access to an advertising-free version of the Family Practice Notebook, and a small format online version for access by wireless devices and handhelds.
quickly navigate thru the handbook on their computer screen using the hyperlink capability. Recommend this version for Hospital ER's or for Notebook computer users who want the handbook stored on their hard drive..
Handheld medical software and translation software. dedicated to bringing training, reference and entertainment applications to handheld computers, so you can take your tools with you wherever you go - out in the field, in the lab, on the plane. We were the first to get started doing PDA applications for first responders.


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