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An electronic word list organizer. It is compact--only 300K--doesn't hog up system resources like a bulky Access database, and is totally user friendly. Designed by a medical transcriptionist for other MTs--or for any compulsive list maker! Li'l Red Notebook works in Windows alongside any word processing program (even WP 5.1) and has these great features: Unlimited entries--single words or phrases, up to 3000 characters each Holds 100 user-named tabbed lists Stay visible while you transcribe or hides in desktray--pops up with a single keystroke Alphabetizes automatically (remember what a pain it was to manually alphabetize your old fashioned notebook?)
Manage all your staff personnel functions. Record attendance, training courses, create appraisals, medical information, employee personal information, job details, travel details, employment and salary record etc. Works with MS Access and fully MS Office compatible. .
Doctors who need organize and storage patient information in a database, can use MEDicus as an easy and powerful tool to do it. Information in MEDicus database is saved encrypted. Doctors will get a fast and user-friendly interface to enter all the patient records including pictures, videos, answer to questionnaires (totally customizables), medications, notes, and bills. MEDicus can give you stats of your patient information. .
Complex document management automation, including corporate electronic archives Full-text and attribute search and documents retrieval Documents input form Internet (via MS Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator), from scanner (via OCR CuneiForm), from disk files in different formats Artificial Intelligence technologies, including morphological analysis for increase of completeness and accuracy of search .
Personal Information Database for tracking and maintaining all types of Information such as home inventory, personal data, CD collections, Medical history, diet and weight loss management...ETC...... FE-IOC is a easy to use but powerful Personal Information Management System.


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