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Appointments scheduler designed for use at the front desk in professional and small business offices. It can service up to 20 consultants per book, with appointment lengths ranging from 10 to 240 minutes. It provides printouts of daily individual appointment lists and uses page templates to simplify detailed scheduling of each day of the week. Multiple books can be installed and run side by side to centralize scheduling of personnel working at different locations.
PageGate can be integrated with existing applications to add messaging or paging functionality to existing software. Scheduled mesesages or on-call messages can be sent to staff.
Access to overviews of Microsoft Outlook and Exchange calendar through a web browser. It is a pure server-based application, which gives users quick and easy access to informative overviews as well as detailed calendar views. .
A comprehensive yet economical software package that will make employee scheduling easier than ever. This program allows you to maintain complicated shift schedules and changes with ease. It comes complete with a simple 4-step setup process, employee contact manager, and a graphical scheduling interface. Reporting options include work schedules, employee contact lists, vacations and more.
Define and plan a periodic task schedule involving more than one person. Examples of such periodic tasks could be maintenance activities such as weekly computer backups, machinery service and service calls; regular management activities such as weekly meetings, periodic status reporting and to-do lists; human resources or financial activities like monthly/ weekly payroll processing, creating status-reports and so on.
A resource scheduling solution based on (Delphi) components. You can use our software to add this type of functionality to your applications in a breeze. ++Microsoft project style interface ++EzPlan-IT is DB-AWARE so it can connect to any existing database .


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